• The Art of Writing a Letter / Slow Communication

    A few weeks ago I came across a stack if notes scribbled with girlish thoughts, weekend plans and laughter. I was thanking my younger self for having the wherewithal to keep these prized possesions around for later reading. They were nothing profound, simply hand written notes passed back and forth between best friends while passing in the hall.

    After thumbing through the past, I sat down to write my friend a letter. Now that our lives aren't intertwined on a daily basis, keeping in touch with eachother is somewhat of an art form. Sure, we can shoot each other a quick text, or write on each others Facebook walls. Which is drained of any personal touch. The art of writing a letter is nostalgic and personal and I wanted my communication to be just that. After I finished signing my name (not typing it) I sealed up the envelope and placed a stamp adorned with spring flowers in the corner. I sat back and was completely satisfied with this slow form of communication. I challenge you to try it. Grab a peice of stationery, light a candle and write to someone you love.