Seattle Chocolate

Seattle Chocolate

$ 3.00 $ 4.75

Choose from two new chocolate bars from Seattle Chocolate (women owned!) that I know you'll LOVE! 

Berry in LoveCan a chocolate bar be romantic? We think YES! This decadent treat delivers a playful twist on traditional chocolate-covered strawberries, with hearty chunks of dried strawberries smothered in our crowd-favorite 60% dark chocolate. Chocolate is love. 

Tart & Soul | This delicious blend of tart lemon oil, freeze-dried sweet raspberries, and crunchy chunks of biscotti is smothered in white chocolate and then wrapped in a rich layer of our decadent dark chocolate. A limited-time offering from our Chocolate is Love collection, Tart & Soul is for fans of flavorsome foodie experiences: tart, sweet, and crunchy all in one. 

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