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  • A Gift That Keeps Giving

    At Bridge Nine Candle Co. we take our environmental commitment seriously. That’s why I use hand poured soy wax with 100 percent cotton wicks and highgrade phthalate-free fragrances. That’s also why our jars and tumblers are reusable.

    The candle’s container is almost as important as the wax poured into it or the wick that allows it to burn. I carefully choose the styles and designs of the candle containers not just to match the colors and scents of the candle, but to be a valuable part of your home collection.

    The candle is the first chapter in the container’s story.

    I’ve snapped a few photos of the process as I recently turned my  round tumbler into a flower vase and the perfect cocktail glass. The cleaning process important. You don’t want your mint julep tasting like your favorite candle. So here is the four step process to cleaning and repurposing your Bridge Nine tumbler.



    Step One: Remove the remainder of the wick. It is attached to the bottom of the glass with a foam sticker. Use a spoon to scrape it out of the bottom of the glass. You'll want to make sure this is done before the next step, since the wick has metal on the bottom.

    Step Two: Once you have the wick removed (Step One), place the glass in the microwave for about 30 seconds to soften the remaining wax. If you don't have a microwave, you can use a double boiler system on the stove and place it in warm water until the wax softens.

    Step Three: Use a cloth to remove as much wax as possible. And Remember: NEVER POUR WAX DOWN THE SINK!

    Step Four: After you have as much of the wax removed as possible, wash the glass with soap and water or put it through the dishwasher.

    BONUS Step Five: Enjoy your new glass tumbler!


    The blueberry spritzer in that photo looks fantastic, doesn’t it? Well, it is! And the recipe is easy. The drink is refreshing, balanced, and subtly sweet. It’s just one incredible way you can upcycle and repurpose your candle containers.

    Blueberry Spritzer

    1 ounce


    2 ounces

    unsweetened blueberry juice

    4 ounces


    1 splash

    club soda


    fresh blueberries


    Fall is coming, and at Bridge Nine Candle Co. we are already creating and storing our fall lineup. That means savings on our sale items!

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  • Make It Brighter With A Sugared Lemon Candle

    A few times a year I select a Make It Brighter project partner. This quarter, Project Lemonade will receive $5 of each purchase of the Bridge Nine Limited Edition Sugared Lemon candle. I couldn’t be more excited to share our proceeds with such a worthy non-profit organization.

    Project Lemonade does wonders for the confidence and self-esteem of foster youth. They take these kids shopping for free at their store in Lloyd Center mall as the new school year approaches, outfitting them with all the necessities while instilling a sense of pride in their presentation and appearance. It’s a unique and impactful non-profit, and they are the perfect partner for this quarter’s Make It Brighter project.

    I cannot imagine the impact this must have on foster youth. Don’t you feel better when you wear something you are proud of? I do not think it has to be expensive either; it just has to represent who you are. The confidence and pride instilled by these new clothes can go a long way in school, and I really believe it increases each student’s performance.

    I enjoy supporting our local non-profit organizations like Project Lemonade, and I hope you will consider the purchase of a Sugared Lemon candle to show your support!


    If you are a non-profit and would like to have Bridge Nine Candle Co. consider your organization as a Make It Brighter partner, please contact us at

    Summer is in full swing and the Sugared Lemon candle can serve as the perfect compliment to your summer soiree. Remember to consider what you’re going to be eating, drinking, and sharing with friends, because different Summer Collection scents can really add an extra-sensory pop to your party! 

    Support Project Lemonade by purchasing your Sugared Lemon candle today, and don’t forget to give Bridge Nine Candle Co. a follow on Instagram!

  • Lavender Candles and Honey Lavender Cider

    Bridge Nine Candles at the 12th Annual Clackamas County Lavender Festival

    By Chelsea Arvesen

    There was something truly special about selling our Bridge Nine Lavender Candles and aromatic sprays from the very spot in which the lavender for the essential oils was grown and harvested. Oregon Lavender Farm was more than a great place to host the 12th Annual Clackamas County Lavender Festival. It was the perfect point of origin for our best selling candle.

    In fact, after bringing over forty purple Ball jars filled with our Oregon Lavender Candles, I found myself sold out before we got to lunch on the second day! It was great to see people turn to the Citrus or Black Amber Candles. They were incredibly popular, and they made a great replacement for the sold out Lavender.

    lavender candle bridge nine candle portland oregon local artisan maker

    Aren't these jars the perfect shade of lavender?

    The highlight of the weekend was easily the dozen or so Facebook Group VIPs who came to the event and visited my booth. Putting their names with their faces brought a special joy to the days at the festival. I couldn’t help but share an extra VIP gift with their purchases, as a thanks for their loyal support. If you’d like to join that VIP group, you can do so here.


    "The highlight of the weekend was easily the dozen or so Facebook Group VIPs who came to the event and visited my booth."


    Thank you to the folks who stopped by after hearing about the event on our Instagram page. It continues to surprise me how incredible our little online community can be. To see everyone appreciating the art and skill put into creating our products is very rewarding. Please follow Bridge Nine on Instagram today, if you haven’t yet.

    lavender candle bridge nine candle portland oregon local artisan maker

    How cool is it that we used Oregon Lavender Farm essential oils in these?

    And no, it was not all work. We were able to enjoy the Clackamas Lavender Festival too. The Honey Lavender Cider from Portland Cider was fantastic! We paired that with the Killa Dilla chicken quesadilla –– a winning combination. There was live music. There were lavender distilling demonstrations. The festival was huge success, and I’m so glad Bridge Nine was able to be a part of it.


  • Retailer Feature | Sweet Jayne

    It was our second year in business and to get our name out there we quite literally took to the streets. Introduction after introduction, handing off sample packs of Bridge Nine candles, hoping people believed in us as much as we believed in ourselves.

    We had walked three different neighborhoods and ended up on NE Broadway. In we walk to Sweet Jayne and find Katie, the sweetest most welcoming shop owner! It was an immediate match. After chatting about the product, we left her with a small cube of Portland Mist to test out. While we no longer sell the small cube, Portland Mist is still one of our top sellers. 

    Our partnership started at a time when Katie just took over Sweet Jayne & we were still in our infant stages of growing the business. Our businesses have grown together and our partnership has turned into a friendship. 

    Sweet Jayne carries every scent we make in both the tumbler and jelly jar sizes. We also stock her with some of our limited edition candles. Currently, you can find our Turquoise Sea Glass tumbler & our Pendleton Wool tumblers there. Something unique about Sweet Jayne is that she brings in new product twice a week! Her trends are on-point and style is flawless. A big supporter of the community and small business, all of her jewelry, hand bags, candles (< that's us), and other accessories are hand made by local artists. Next time you're on NE Broadway, make sure to stop in, a friendly face awaits you. 

    Store details:


    1914 NE Broadway St
    Portland, OR 97232


    Mon- Sat: 10 am- 6 pm
    Sun: Closed


    (503) 281-1366