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We are always delighted to receive feedback about our product. We hand pour each candle with you in mind! If you'd like to send us feedback please do so by emailing us at and we might post it here on our site! (If you do not wish to have your feedback posted on our website, please let us know)

"Scent is a pretty beautiful thing if you think about it. Maybe one day, my kids will remember that one “woodsy” candle that I used to burn by my nightstand because let me tell you, White Pine will be burning in my home for time to come." - Kate from Kate's Favorite Blog

"It isn’t long before I am distracted by the rising scent of my Pumpkin Spice candle. Immediately, my senses are transported to a cozy kitchen where the indulgent aroma of an almost ready pumpkin pie has overtaken the entire room. I can also see that the candle is burning evenly, from the inner core all the way to the outer core. Clearly, this candle has passed my stringent quality regulations!" - Karina Jones (Superior Interiors)

"I’ve been letting it burn this morning for about an hour, and as I walked back into the room after leaving momentarily, I was immediately immersed again in the scent of fall. This tumbler packs a punch – I have a large, open Kitchen + Living Room combo but the scent fills the entire room with ease." - Brittany Shinn - The Shinn Life Blog

"Bring back the scent of the city with Portland Mist and NW Cedar." - Travel Portland - The Makers Amount us

"I recently lit my first Bridge Nine Candle. The aroma from the candle has filled my office with a wonderful Lavender smell that is still there several days later. These candles are very slow burning and probably last many times longer than store bought candles. They truly are the Cadillac of candles. I used to think, a candle is just a candle. Boy was I wrong. Consider me a lifetime customer."

Jim  - Counselor, Life Coach, Portland OR 

"The citronella candle works incredibly well, without having an overpowering scent. It started working within the first hour of burning! No bugs in sight."

Tia - Henderson, Nevada

"The scents are amazing, they're hand poured with soy wax which means that they burn for a long time and, they're made locally here in Portland. #Winning. My favorite scents are NW Pear, Portland Mist and Pineapple Sage. I also really liked the Pumpkin Spice and Spiked Cider during the holidays. So good!"

- Downtown Glam (Blog)

"When it comes to purchasing candles, Bridge Nine Candle Co is always my first choice! I've tried many different brands of candles but Bridge Nine remains at the top of my list. I've really been impressed with the quality of these candles and how long they last. My three favorite scents are NW Pear, Pineapple Sage and Citrus but honestly, I've yet to come across a fragrance that I don't like. I'm really looking forward to stocking up this season and burning Bridge Nine all fall/winter long!" 
-Brittany Sierra - Founding Principle, Arreis PDX