#Makeitbrighter Project

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."


We can all be the voice of positive change and encouragement. It starts with you, in your own community. The #makeitbrighter project's goal is just that; to spread positive encouragement and acceptance to each and every person no matter your race, religion, sexual orientation and beliefs. It is a challenge to open your heart and mind to each other's differences and embrace what makes us unique. Together we are stronger. 

For the first quarter in 2023, we have chosen to support A Village for One. 

"A Village for One is a Portland based not-for-profit organization developed to serve children who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation. An astounding number of youth in the Portland and surrounding areas have experienced this global crime against children.

Our aim is to bring the talents and gifts of our community together to create an opportunity to serve each child that has been impacted by sexual exploitation in our local community. The community unites to provide youth with a home, nourishment, education, holistic healing, mentorship, service, and opportunity to grow, believe, and become their greatest potential."

You can support them starting now through March 31st through the purchase of our #makeitbrighter tumbler, Midnight Citrus. This NEW scent is a blend of blood orange, amber and vetiver. Purchase one here.

Learn more about A Village for One and how you can continue to support them by visiting their website. 


Think about the concept of emotional net gain. Will the interaction, conversation or action you're about to engage in make you happier? Will you have a positive emotional net gain in the end?  Personal happiness radiates and spreads like wildfire. The happier we are with ourselves, the happier those around us will be. And who wouldn't want a happier world?