Collection: Signature Collection

Signature year round scents & our PNW inspired line

Signature Year Round:

Citrus - An invigorating combination featuring grapefruit and mango-stein. A best seller!

Black Amber - Amber & vanilla, infused with cardamom and clove leaf oils

Midnight Citrus - Blood orange, vetiver, and amber

PNW Inspired:

Portland Mist -Our signature scent. Clean and fresh, like the air after a light rain in Portland, Oregon.

Pacific Sea Salt - Salty ozone and fresh sea air

Oregon Lavender - Walking through a freshly bloomed lavender field. Made with 100% essential oils

Cascade Forest - An earthy blend of fir, pine, fresh earth and ferns. Like a walk through the forest after a fresh rain. 

Pacific Woodland - Coming Soon! Crisp and clean woodsy notes of Birch, Juniper, Moss, & Cedar