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Hello candle lovers! My name is Chelsea, I am the founder and owner of Bridge Nine Candle Co. Bridge Nine was born out of necessity when my favorite candle shop packed up and moved back to their home state. Since I was little, I can always remember candles being lit in our home. So really, I have my mom to thank for my love (and obsession) of candles! 

Before launching the actual product I dove into branding and perfected our logo (with the help of a very talented graphic designer!). The simple and distinctive look of our candles is intentional - I wanted to ensure it would blend with any décor.  I originally started the business in the North Portland community of St Johns, which is where the beautiful bridge on our logo is located. At the time, in 2012, it was also the ninth major bridge on the Willamette river, hence our name! 

I have a background in interior design and communications and have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Being creative fuels my soul and is a big driver of my happiness. One of my favorite things to do is create our seasonal collections. Outside of our signature line, these seasonal collections allow me creative freedom! I love to draw inspiration from something specific and curate it into a collection that reflects that inspiration. Some things I've drawn inspiration from in the past are shows like Outlander and Bridgerton. I've also drawn inspiration from wildflowers, tropical getaways and moody tablescapes. 

One of my greatest joys is to create something that brings light and happiness into your home. Thank you for being apart of the Bridge Nine family!
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