Life is Brighter Rewards Program

The rewards program that makes your life a little brighter!


Step 1: Sign up for an account by clicking the "log in" link at the top of the page 

Step 2: Create an account with your email and password. (You will be asked to verify your email)

Step 3: Once you are logged into your account on the bottom right hand corner you will see a pop-up that says "Life is Brighter Rewards." It also has a running total of your rewards points. Choose this link to find out how to start earning rewards! 


You can earn rewards the following ways:

1. Create an account and receive 200 points

2. For every dollar you spend, you will receive 5 points. Earn points towards cash to spend or free products

3. Follow us on Instagram (@bridgeninecandles) and join our VIP group on Facebook for special promotions and activities to earn bonus points!

4. Input your birthday and receive 500 points on your birthday


1. Congrats! If you've gotten to this step then you've earned enough rewards points to redeem free product or money towards your purchase. Choose the reward you'd like to redeem. This will generate a coupon code for you to use at checkout. If you are redeeming free product, you must add the product to your cart, then enter the coupon code at checkout. If you are redeeming a coupon voucher for money off your purchase just copy and paste the code at checkout. 

2. If you redeem a rewards voucher and don't end up using it, email us at and we can refund it into your account.

All rewards points will be added to your total in 14 days or less.