Saturday + Ina Garten

Saturday + Ina Garten

Let me start by saying, I have an extreme bias towards Ina Garten when it comes to anything cooking. Not only are her recipes easy and always have excellent results, her love for Paris, cooking for Jeffery and her from-the-ground up story makes her my absolute favorite! So it's no surprise that my favorite muffin recipe comes straight from her "Make it Ahead" cookbook

To prep for the week (which, I could say a "busy" week, but let's get real, they are all busy!), I like to prep food on the weekend to help make it that much easier during the week. My go-to's for breakfast are a hearty muffin. This week, it was one of my all-time favorites, blueberry bran.

One reason I love Ina's (yes, we're on a first name basis) recipe is that it calls for honey. This sublet sweetness definitely compliments the earthy bran. It also calls for greek yogurt, which gives it an extra kick of protein. 

Lastly, other than actually eating these muffins, my favorite thing about them is that it takes about 15 minutes to actually assemble all of the ingredients. Mix the dry, throw all the wet into your Kitchenaid (or bowl & hand mixer!) add the dry to the wet, fold in bran & blueberries & Ta-dah! You're ready to spoon them into a muffin tin and wait for your kitchen to smell wonderful.

At this point, you might be wondering why I'm writing about muffins and my love for Ina Garten. I've learned that the more I can do to help myself during the busy week, the happier I am. So when I have an 30-45 minutes on the weekend, I'll pull myself away from relaxing on the couch and dive into prepping something for the week, knowing I'll thank myself later. Plus, you can pop muffins in the freezer and they last twice as long! I challenge you to do the same, your future self will be thanking you. Oh and make these muffins, you won't be disappointed.


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