Authentic Mexican Margarita Glass Candles

When I was in Mexico with my family in 2013 my now fiance, David, found these beautiful hand blown margarita glasses. He turned to me and said "why don't you pour candles into these?" Of course I said yes! What a great idea! We bought 8 as a trial run. I poured Citrus in them and sold them exclusively at Crow (now Salty Teacup) in St Johns. They went like hot cakes! So this last year we knew we had to bring back even more. Not only did I bring back more of them, I found some with different colors. These fun candles not only have a long burning life, they can also be cleaned out and used for a tasty margarita time and time again! These are set to be released in early March at two locations, Salty Teacup in St Johns and Sweet Jayne on NE Broadway. They are available in Citrus and Pineapple Sage in VERY limited quantities! Get one for yourself before they are gone!

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