Limited run: MINT JULEP

The Kentucky Derby has come and gone and it's time to put our big floppy hats back in the closet until next year. But one thing that will always stick around is that minty, perfectly sweet, bourbon beverage, the Mint Julep! Using this as our inspiration, we created a candle that hits just the right note of sweet with the perfect balance of mint. This scent is perfect for our warmer days leading up to summer! Just for kicks, here's a recipe for a classic Mint Julep:

Mint Julep recipe: 1 teaspoon Powdered sugar, 2 oz. Bourbon whiskey, 2 teaspoons Water, 4 Mint leaves, muddle, shake and serve! 

This scent is ONLY found online and at Salty Teacup, for a limited time! It is available in a limited edition silver plated Mint Julep cup, $30, (see below) at Salty Teacup as well as in the round tumbler and jelly jar. It is available in the round tumbler and 4 oz tin online. 

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