• 2019 - What a Year!

    At the close of the 2018 holiday season, I opened the door to what has been the biggest challenge and joy of my life. In 2018, due to my PCOS, we went through the IVF process to finally create the family we'd longed for. With an embryo transfer in January, slogging through a very rough first trimester, I started prepping for the holiday season....in APRIL. Let me tell you, preparation pays off! At the start of the 2019 holiday season we welcomed our son, Aleksander, into this world! Thinking about how different our lives are from one holiday season (being a candle maker, this is how I mark my years, haha) to another amazes me. 
    Our year was also marked with a few memorable trips to Palm Desert, Brasada Ranch and the Oregon Coast. 
    Traveling to new places always inspires me to create new scents. Our trip to Palm Desert this year inspired two scents, Orange Blossom and Cactus Flower. If you're familiar with the signature line, you'll recognize High Desert & Pacific Sea Salt. High Desert was inspired by our very first trip to Brasada Ranch, in Central Oregon, and Pacific Sea Salt was inspired by a trip to Cannon Beach. 
    Of course we don't travel without our girl, Tessa!
    I couldn't be more thankful for the dedicated and loyal customers I have! Thank you so much for your continued support while I navigate this new life as a mom and an entrepreneur. One of my loves is creating a product that brings warmth and joy into your home. But my biggest love is making my little boy smile! We are so excited to see what 2020 brings in the candle world and beyond. I already have a few ideas up my sleeve. Oh and YES, Holiday Spice will be coming back next year. 
    - Chelsea 
    Founder, Owner & Operator