Clean & Reuse Your Bridge Nine Glass!

Clean & Reuse Your Bridge Nine Glass!

A lot of people ask me how to clean out their candle container after they are done burning their candle. I love this question, because it means they are going to reuse the container! And if you're like me, you love a dual use product. 

After you've finished burning your Bridge Nine candle, let the container cool before you start the process. The glass can get hot from the flame, you don't want to burn yourself! 

There are two ways to clean out the remaining wax and what's left of the wick. The first is a double boiler system. Place a trivet on the bottom of a pot with about 1-3 inches of water (depending on the size of glass you're cleaning out). Heat the water, almost bring it to a boil. Carefully place the glass in the water and allow the remaining wax to melt. Once it's liquid, pour what's left of the wax into an empty container (I usually use a paper cup or a can). Scrape out the wick (it is stuck to the bottom!) and then use paper towels to get as much of the remaining wax as possible out of the glass. Only when you have removed as much of the wax as possible, rinse it out with soap and warm water. You NEVER want to pour hot wax down your sink.

The second way to clean out your container uses a microwave! If you go this route you MUST remove the wick first, as it contains metal. Once you have the wick removed, place the container in the microwave and let it go for about 2 minutes. This should melt the remaining wax, allowing you to pour it out and wipe it clean as mentioned above. 

There are several uses for your Bridge Nine glass. You can use them as tea light holders, water glasses, flower vases and more. Get creative! If you're in the Portland area, you can return your used glass to Sweet Jayne or Salty Teacup for $1 off your next candle purchase. 

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