The space between the holidays and spring can feel a little odd. The twinkle lights and sparkly ornaments are tucked away until next year and we're left with cold, wet (if your're in the PNW) and very dark winter. Well, I figured, why not brighten this time with new products! Here's a sneak peek at a few new products launching soon:

Silver Mercury Glass Votives 

These sparkly beauties will be launched with our (limited) line of Valentine's Day goodies on 1/14. They will be filled with Citrus and Black Amber. We will also be releasing a "Spoil Me" spa set, and a limited run of a new scent, stay tuned!

Eucalyptus Candle Wreath Sets

I'm so excited to begin to introduce more home items into our line up! And what better than a candle wreath. These faux eucalyptus candle wreaths are hand made by Graced Designs and fit perfectly around our tumbler candle! Coming 2/1. 

Turquoise Sea Glass Tumbler

With the retirement of our recycled glass tumbler, I was on the hunt for something to replace it. Luckily I came across these gorgeous turquoise and white tumblers. Join our VIP page on Facebook to put your two cents in on what scents you'd like us to fill them with! 

This is only just a peek...we have more up our sleeves! Stay tuned. 

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