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Counting Down the Days

Remember when twenty-five days felt like a lifetime? You would stare at the advent calendar or clip those little paper rings, counting down the days that felt like months. 

As we get older, we realize how finite time is – how fleeting. And then the years become months. Every little thing we hold dear flies by too quickly. 

The Bridge Nine Candle Co. Advent Candle captures the wonder and nostalgia of those childhood holiday seasons, while also distilling those precious passing moments into something memorable.

Starting December 1, you can burn your advent candle for two hours a day, marking off the days until Christmas as you go. Some like starting each morning with the lighting of the candle. Others find that it's the ideal way to finish the day – wrap up dinner with the family and light the candle as everyone goes about their evening activities.

Whatever you do, just don't leave your lighted candle unattended!

As the holiday season slowly wraps us in its warm and familiar embrace, you might consider an early present for the friend in your life who appreciates the little things. A lighted advent candle can provide a moment of presence and focus that coats the stress and frenzy of the holidays with a calming glow.


bridge nine candle co., handmade candle, organic candle, portland candle, soy candleBridge Nine Candle Co. Advent Candle: 55 Hour Burn Time. Available in Cranberry Orange, Festive Fig, Cypress & Bayberry, Evergreen, White Pine, Peppermint Bark, Hot Cocoa and Egg Nog


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