Cure for Winter

This is the winter that just won't quit! I'm ready for sunshine, long walks with my pup and planting my garden, but the weather man insists on low 40's and rain. Since my dilemma is out of my control, my cure for this cold, snowy, wet winter is a long hot bath.

My favorite scent for relaxation (big surprise here) is lavender. A relaxing bath was my inspiration for the Oregon Lavender Spa Set. Setting up is easy:

1. Light your Oregon Lavender candle, place by the bath 

2. As your tub fills, sprinkle in some vanilla lavender bath salts

3. After some relaxing, treat yourself to a lavender sugar scrub, my favorite! 

There are only a few Oregon Lavender Spa Sets left! Grab one at 15% off with the code RELAX at checkout. Promo code expires on 3/6. 


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