Five Simple & Sustainable Home Swaps

Five Simple & Sustainable Home Swaps

We're excited to welcome our first guest blogger, Kelly Ross from Thunder & Lace! In conjunction with our launch of eco-friendly home goods to our online Market, Kelly has found five simple and sustainable home swaps, some of them you can now find in our Market. Keep reading to find out what they are...

Functional additions, seasonal accents, an inviting atmosphere when you walk in the door – I make my home goods purchases with things like these as my inspiration. However, the most convenient and sensory-indulgent picks often lack a focus on sustainability. When I first started thinking about the wastefulness and unhealthy nature of many home products, I worried that would have to toss my home goals aside in favor of my lifestyle health. Would I be able to find products that were as effective and aesthetically pleasing as some of my not-so-sustainable favorites? If you’re worried about the same, look no further; below are 5 eco-minded products that can help you make the swap sacrifice-free! Many of which you can now grab directly through the online store!

1. Bridge Nine Candle Co. Soy Wax Candles & Aromatic Spray

Up until a few years ago, what the home fragrance products I purchased were made of didn’t cross my mind once. My focus was exclusively on whether or not they smelled good! It’s no secret that Bridge Nine has a keen nose for well-balanced scents, but they also address the question of ingredient sustainability. The wax used in their candles is made from non-GMO soy that is grown right here in the US, and is gently poured around a 100% cotton wick. Did you know that many candles use wicks with lead or other heavy metal-based cores? In addition to the petroleum-based wax used in conventional candles, these elements support industries that are rapidly degrading our planet and are some of the largest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions. Not to mention that they increase air toxicity in our homes. It’s also the little touches – their gorgeous glass containers can all be cleaned and re-used or recycled. Their aromatic sprays are also a fantastic swap for conventional air fresheners or room sprays!

 2. Abeego Beeswax Food Wrap

Gone are the days of plastic wrap being the only option to keep food fresh! Learning that around 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean each year was inspiration for me to cut plastics out whenever possible. Abeego is a zero waste, compostable, all natural wrap made from hemp and cotton fabric coated in beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil. It is washable, re-usable, allows food to breath (and stay fresh longer as a result), and naturally clings and molds to any container or food. Because it allows food to retain freshness longer, it also helps prevent food waste. That’s a win!

 3. Stasher Non-Plastic Bags

Sometimes plastic wrap isn’t the go-to for food storage. Sometimes it’s plastic bags! Stasher Bag is an amazing waste-free alternative. These reusable, 100% food grade silicone bags can do everything from storing snacks and leftovers to expertly boiling veggies on the stovetop. Stasher can be used in the freezer, microwave, in boiling water, and in the oven for virtually endless uses. While these bags can be used over and over, if you do need to retire one, Stasher has created a program where used bags can be recycled into safe playground pebbles. They’re saving resources and embodying sustainability throughout, which I love.

 4.Marley’s Monsters Un-Paper Towels & Sponges

This family business is making it a breeze to cut down or eliminate paper products and disposables at home! I personally love their bamboo facial rounds, but two other great offerings are their flannel un-paper towels and their washable sponges. Both of which are now available on the Bridge Nine market! Marley’s Monsters uses a soft, absorbent flannel for their un-paper towels which can be easily tossed in the washing machine! Meaning that any paper towel task can easily be tackled without adding unnecessary paper to our landfills. What’s even more awesome is that you can suit any décor with their array of fun patterns, solid colors, and classic neutrals. The same can be said for their sponges; any typical sponge task can be taken on and then it can be machine washed. With a mildew-resistant, recycled center, 100% cotton terrycloth backing, and polyester mesh, these sponges have all the scrubbing capability as conventional plastic ones.

5. Green + Lovely All Purpose Cleaner

Conventional home cleaning products add to the toxicity of our homes and our environment as a result of formulating with volatile organic compounds. Household cleaners regularly contain compounds like Ammonia, which end up entering and contaminating our water sources too. When I began researching this it became critical for me to find alternative and non-pollutant cleaning products. Bridge Nine is now stocking the All Purpose Cleaner form Green + Lovely – a nontoxic cleaner free of VOC’s and numerous common toxins found in home cleaning products. I have to say, using cleaning products that don’t leave me worrying about pollution or exposing my family to anything harmful makes me feel like my house is even cleaner!

Check out the expanding Bridge Nine Candle Co. Market for some of these sustainable picks! Hopefully this post got your wheels turning about how to make your everyday products a bit more eco-friendly.

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