bridge nine candle co., handmade candle, organic candle, portland candle, soy candle

Good for the Planet is Good for the Soul

Earth Day really got me thinking about the ways Bridge Nine Candle Co. impacts the planet. From the very outset, creating sustainable, non-toxic products was essential to the company. I firmly believe people cannot relax and enjoy their candles when they're worried about what is in the product or the waste that the candle creates.

For starters, reusable containers were imperative. All our candles have long burn times, so there is plenty of opportunity for you to enjoy their aromas and glow, but what happens after the final burn? Too many other candle companies create disposable containers, relying on the consumer to expertly clean the burned out candle so that it can be properly recycled. It is a big assumption to make: that a product no longer offering any enjoyment will be held on to, cleaned, and then recycled. Unfortunately, many get tossed.

Of course, some of them could be repurposed, right? But with many other candle makers, you wouldn't want to consume anything out of a container that once held a candle made of who-knows-what chemicals and non-sustainable ingredients. 

bridge nine candle co., handmade candle, organic candle, portland candle, soy candle

Our candle containers only hold organic, natural wax, and they're easy to clean, so you can turn your container into a cocktail glass, a potpourri jar, or a decorative element for your mantle or shelf. It's the closest to zero waste that we can get. You enjoy the aroma and glow of the candle, you gently clean it, and then the container lives on for as long as you would like to enjoy it. 

So what else is Bridge Nine doing to keep our waste and impact down? Glad you asked! I recently found a solution to ditch the plastic clamshell that wax melts traditionally came in. I now use a silicone mold, which I can use over and over again. I simply pour the melts into the mold, wait until they are set, pop them out and package them in a cardboard box. Then the mold is ready for the next candle. 

Our Pendleton Wool tumbler was designed to double as a drinking glass or coffee mug after you've finished your candle. It comes with a Pendleton Wool cozy, so if you're drinking hot coffee, you won't burn your hand. And we are now offering an add-on: a dishwasher safe screw top lid and reusable straw!

bridge nine candle co., handmade candle, organic candle, portland candle, soy candle
All Bridge Nine orders are packaged with shredded paper instead of packing peanuts. And we're even in the process of switching from plastic tape to paper tape to package all of our orders.
I'm glad Earth Day gave me a little time to reflect on the ways Bridge Nine can be most environmentally friendly. Do you have any ideas I haven't thought of? I'd love to hear!
I hope you had a restorative and happy Earth Day, and I look forward to bringing you sustainable Bridge Nine products the other 364 days of the year as well.
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