January Blues

January Blues

If you're like me, the lack-luster decor after the holidays hits you hard. For over a month (yes, over a month in our house!) you've been surrounded by sparkling lights, glittery adornments, stockings and perfectly wrapped gifts. Then BAM! It's all over in one day. The holiday withdrawals are rough.

This year, after all my decor was wrapped up and tucked away for another 11 months, I went to set my table scape for a dinner party. For some reason, I have always associated the month of January with the color blue. Maybe because we are really in the dead of winter? Or possibly because after all the red and green the color blue is almost soothing. So that's what I went for!

Blue ball jars & ice blue chargers accented my monochromatic spread of metal geometric objects, hobnail & mercury glass tea light holders. To complete the look, I went with one of my favorite fresh scents, Citrus. It really brighten the mood, exactly what I needed! 

Freshen up your home after the holidays with a soothing color and fresh candles!  

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