Make It Brighter With A Sugared Lemon Candle

Make It Brighter With A Sugared Lemon Candle

A few times a year I select a Make It Brighter project partner. This quarter, Project Lemonade will receive $5 of each purchase of the Bridge Nine Limited Edition Sugared Lemon candle. I couldn’t be more excited to share our proceeds with such a worthy non-profit organization.

Project Lemonade does wonders for the confidence and self-esteem of foster youth. They take these kids shopping for free at their store in Lloyd Center mall as the new school year approaches, outfitting them with all the necessities while instilling a sense of pride in their presentation and appearance. It’s a unique and impactful non-profit, and they are the perfect partner for this quarter’s Make It Brighter project.

I cannot imagine the impact this must have on foster youth. Don’t you feel better when you wear something you are proud of? I do not think it has to be expensive either; it just has to represent who you are. The confidence and pride instilled by these new clothes can go a long way in school, and I really believe it increases each student’s performance.

I enjoy supporting our local non-profit organizations like Project Lemonade, and I hope you will consider the purchase of a Sugared Lemon candle to show your support!


If you are a non-profit and would like to have Bridge Nine Candle Co. consider your organization as a Make It Brighter partner, please contact us at

Summer is in full swing and the Sugared Lemon candle can serve as the perfect compliment to your summer soiree. Remember to consider what you’re going to be eating, drinking, and sharing with friends, because different Summer Collection scents can really add an extra-sensory pop to your party! 

Support Project Lemonade by purchasing your Sugared Lemon candle today, and don’t forget to give Bridge Nine Candle Co. a follow on Instagram!

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