#Makeitbrighter for Black Mamas Matter!

#Makeitbrighter for Black Mamas Matter!

As many of you may know, we struggled with infertility before we were able to find answers and grow our family. The disparity between the medical care in regards to infertility, pregnancy and postpartum that white women receive versus black women is alarming. Infertility is already one of the hardest things you can go through and to make it even harder by not having access to receive the medical attention every woman deserves breaks my heart. Infertility aside, the statistics on black women dying in childbirth and not receiving the care every women needs after creating a human is an injustice. I'm more than excited to support this amazing organization that works to create policy change and advance care for black mamas.

"Our work is grounded in the human rights, reproductive justice, and birth justice frameworks, and incorporates respectful maternity care tenets. The Black Mamas Matter Alliance serves as a national voice and coordinating entity for stakeholders advancing maternal health, rights, and justice. BMMA provides technical assistance, trainings, and capacity building for grassroots organizations, maternity care service providers (e.g. clinicians, midwives, doula networks and community health workers), academia, and the public health industry. We foster connections and collaborations between mainstream entities and Black women-led initiatives. We recognize that maternal mortality and morbidity is a global concern and we frame domestic maternal health policy within the global context."

You can support them from 7/1/2020 -9/30/2020 through the purchase of our #makeitbrighter featured scent, Summer Bonfire. With each purchase, we will donate $5 directly to their efforts. 

Summer Bonfire | Notes of crackling fire meet cedar, sandalwood, and amber with a hint of roasted marshmallows!

To learn more about Black Mama's Matter and how you can support them, click here.

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