#MakeItBrighter for Forward Stride

#MakeItBrighter for Forward Stride

Four times a year I get to write a blog post like this one, and it’s by far my favorite series. The Bridge Nine Candle Co. Make it Brighter campaign has helped several local charities already, and over the course of 2019, four more organizations will benefit from the sales of one of our scents.

For the first quarter of 2019, Forward Stride will receive $5 for each online purchase of our limited edition Sea Salt + Rosemary candle (available 1/25/19). I’ll get into the candle itself in more detail below, but first, we should learn a little something about Forward Stride, shouldn’t we?

In 2017, Forward Stride was recognized by Oregon Business as a Top 100 Nonprofit in the state. They work with horses in a number of ways to make people’s lives better. The first time you ride a horse, there’s a lot of fear and adrenaline involved. They are large, majestic, powerful animals. As you get to know them, you see the therapeutic qualities they embody. And working with horses helps people of all ages and abilities live better, healthier lives.

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The folks at Forward Stride put it better than I can:

For more than 15 years, using the healing power of horses, Forward Stride has been building lasting relationships, confidence, and new skills. Our programs work together to provide exceptional care, therapy, and support to all participants, human and equine. Everyone has challenges in life. We encourage each person to face them head on with the support of our herd and fellow humans. Along the way, emotional, cognitive, and physical milestones are reached and lifelong friendships are forged.”

If you want to learn more about Forward Stride, you can find their site here. And if you’d like to volunteer, you can sign up on their site.

All you have to do to contribute to the success of our Make it Brighter recipient organization is purchase a Sea Salt + Rosemary candle before we run out! The limited edition scent will be released tomorrow, January 25, 2019.

Sea Salt + Rosemary

Our winter scents are headlined by this unique, limited time offering. Like all of our scents, Sea Salt + Rosemary comes in a reusable, stylish container that will bring back memories long after your candle is done burning.

The aromas of salt and rosemary beautifully compliment each other, and together they bring a sense of warmth, calm, peace, and richness. Are you a bath time candle user? Then this one is absolutely ideal for you.


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 Remember, never leave a candle burning unattended!

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