#Makeitbrighter for Tumblewheel Studios!

#Makeitbrighter for Tumblewheel Studios!

Each quarter, we feature a different non-profit and donate $5 from the purchase of our featured #makeitbrighter scent (in the tumbler size) to that non-profit. For the first quarter of 2020 we will be supporting Tumblewheel studios through the purchase of the limited edition #makeitbrighter scent, Winter Citrus

Winter Citrus features clementine with notes of pine and rosemary. We will donate $5 from each purchase directly to Tumblewheel Studios starting 1/1 through 3/31. Click here to purchase! 

Let's learn about Tumblewheel Studios! 

Tumblewheel Studios is a custom converted school bus turned self-contained, mobile art classroom. Our nonprofit focuses on bringing art to Northwest Oregon by providing art education and art making supplies to underfunded schools and underserved communities. We are committed to building spaces in which everyone has equitable access to the arts. Through alliances and relationships with local partners, Tumblewheel Studios implements alternative methods of arts education, and promotes discovering new ways to support creative endeavors.

We are committed to offering children, families, and individuals, access to a creative environment where they can develop new skills, exhibit their talents, and learn how to express themselves through art. Our workshops offer students the opportunity to learn by doing, being emboldened to develop an exploratory process, in a nurturing environment. 

Tumblewheel Studios is focused on bringing educational opportunities to all ages and ability levels, regardless of race, color, creed, or income status. Creative problem solving is at the heart of all artistic practice. It is through the cultivation of this skill that our communities youth can more fully develop their criticality and ability to think outside the box. We are devoted to offering our region’s youth the tools and materials to participate in, and experience their culture in a tactile way.

Money is stretched thin throughout our nation and often art is seen as a dispensable form of education. That is why Tumblewheel Studios provides free art education workshops - to give our community back opportunities that should be available to all. We provide the tools, materials, and knowledge for creative growth. We truly believe that art has the ability to transcend boundaries and bridge gaps, be they social, economic, etcetera. Art is a common thread overcoming all barriers, providing an outlet for human emotion and growth. Art is a way to question, reason, and explain when others ways are inadequate, blocked or lacking.

Through partnerships with schools, we are able to create programming that directly supports local curriculum, while still exposing students to unique materials and tools they might not otherwise have access to. The rural areas we serve often suffer from lack of funding, as well as proximity to certain supplies. Our students are able to participate in a wide variety of art making techniques, such as printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, and painting. We also provide handouts at each class with information about the project, and inexpensive options for ways students can continue the art making process at home. For example, homemade clay and paper mâché recipes, or ways to create sculpture with recycled materials.

Our programming is unique in that it is a flexible, and responsive approach to education. Flexible, in that we are not confined to the constraints of a particular space, or limited by the offerings of a given facility. Responsive, in that we can  go where we are needed, when we are needed.

Last year (our first year as a nonprofit) Tumblewheel Studios was able to bring FREE Art Education to OVER 1500 children and adults across Northwest Oregon!

We have been awarded a $1000 grant from the Columbia County Cultural Coalition to continue our work in 2020 and are trying to raise matching funds for the program.

With continued community support, we will expand our impact in 2020 by:

  • offering durational programming to our youth by means of after-school programming and mentoring
    • providing unique, tailored art classes, to enrich classroom learning in our public schools
    • implementing senior outreach programs

Click here to learn more about Tumblewheel studios and how to support them!  

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