• My Favorite Candle Tool

    What are these for? Are these a medical instrument? I get a lot of questions about our wick trimmers and yes the medical instrument is one I get a lot! This handy candle tool is my favorite way to ensure you get the longest burn life out of your candle. 
    Did you know to get the most efficient burn out of your candle, you should keep the wick trimmed to 1/4"? Lucky for you, our wick trimmers come with a built in 1/4" foot. Just simply take the trimmers, go all the way down until you hit the wax and trim! This should be a habit each time before you light your candle.
    If you're like me and burn candles ALL DAY LONG, here's my pro tip; about every two hours, blow out your candle, trim the wick and re-light. This will ensure that your candle flame doesn't get too big, which would result in your candle burning hotter than it should. Why does this matter? If your wick/flame gets too big, your candle will burn faster than it should.
    Grab a pair for yourself in either stainless steel or rose gold!