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Buds Soon to Burst

The spring collection from Bridge Nine Candle Co.

With spring comes inspiration stoked by the awakening aromas filling the air. Grass looks greener in March and April, doesn’t it? The first leaves begin to appear, and the shade of green is so bright and young I can feel it in my heart. Of course, as the first buds open, the air is suddenly full of scents we have missed dearly through the cold months. Lilac, mint, citrus. Can you smell the color green?

The spring collection, which is currently available, is a gathering aromas inspired by the feelings of the season. They are fresh. Alive. Vibrant and youthful. The cold and leafless days are behind us. It’s time to rejoice in the refreshment of the wild world around us. In the subsequent post, we’ll explore the limited edition offerings, but today, it’s time to welcome spring with open arms and noses trained to the wafting air.


The name says it all. This candle smells like the freshly bloomed lilacs from which it is made.

Mint Verbena

You may know lemon verbena by its other name, lemon beebrush. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” right? Add the bright, herbaceous notes of garden mint, and you have Mint Verbena.

Pineapple Sage

It’s a season of contrast. Mud puddles and fresh petals. Sage’s unexpected pineapple companion is another contrast that creates a beautiful harmony. Earthy meets bright.

Wild Honey

Soft honey. Fresh jasmine. Bright tangerine. Need I say more?

Coconut Lime

“Put the lime in the coconut, she drank ‘em both…” just kidding. But this pairing of zesty lime with tropical coconut has a subtle hint of cilantro to really set it off. It’s a must try.

Limited Edition: Peach and Ginger

With spring comes those first thoughts of summer. We try to stay present, but there is so much sun and time outside headed our way, it’s hard not to look forward. Sappy summer peaches fresh off the tree need nothing more than a pinch of ginger to really sing.

So, are you going to try them all? Which one is grabbing your attention? You might try a different aroma in every room. Let your home become a gallery of spring inspired scents.

What is inspiring you this spring? I’d love to hear about it on Facebook or Instagram. The season has new sparks of inspiration waiting around every corner. Even on the rainiest of March days, at least it feels like the water is contributing to something good. Instead of muddy front yards and leaf filled gutters, we get blooming snowdrops, California poppies, and trillium.

Since spring is a time of rejoicing and rising hopes, we are feeling especially grateful for all of you, our customers. Use the coupon code HELLOSPRING for 20% off.

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