Re-purpose Your Farmhouse Mason!

Re-purpose Your Farmhouse Mason!

One of the things I love to see is how our candle vessels are re-purposed! This Winter, I released the Farmhouse Mason Jar, which has quickly become one of the most popular candle sizes. This square 8 oz "vintage" mason jar makes such a cute candle and is a great alternative to our signature round tumbler and jelly jar. It just so happens, they also make great flower vases as well! 

I decided to put together a simple arrangement featuring the Farmhouse Mason Jar. Since my trips to the store are few and far between these days, I looked into my yard to see what flowers I could forage. Luckily, one of our rhododendrons was in bloom! 

I always work in the rule of threes or odd numbers, a design trick I learned in an art class long ago. 

This weathered white and black tray was the perfect thing to house my arrangements. If you haven't checked out From Susie yet, you must, she has the best home accents. 

The rhododendrons ended up being the perfect size for the Farmhouse Mason! I love working with a single floral when arranging flowers for a tablescape, it can be so stunning. Lastly, add a few candles, like our new Mini Candles  and your table is complete!



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