Reduce, reuse!

Reduce, reuse!

We love getting feedback & reviews about our product. Especially when we receive a review that also includes a fun way to reuse our jelly jar candle glass, it's a bonus! 

Here's the ingenious idea one of our most recent online customers had:

"The candles are amazing, but what's even better is the packaging. I love these jar lids with holes. After the candle has burnt, I washed out the jars, put cotton balls sprinkled with drops of essential oils in the jars, and now I have scented jars giving off subtle scent!" 

How amazing is that?! We were so excited about this idea, we decided to try it ourselves. 

In three simple steps, we had this fun project complete! First we chose our favorite essential oil right now, tangerine, from Liberty Natural Products. Second, we cleaned out a used jar & picked an orange lid (to match the tangerine!). 

Next we added a few drops of essentail oi, screwed on the lid & viola! 

What an easy and fun way to reuse something we love. Share your ideas with us on instagram and tag #bnclifeisbrighter for a chance to be featured.  Cheers!

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