Thanksgiving Prep at the Arvesen Home

Thanksgiving Prep at the Arvesen Home

I have to be honest with you, we are hosting Thanksgiving this year and I've never cooked a turkey! **GASP** I'll take all of your positive turkey cooking thoughts you want to send my way. Luckily, I have my good friend Ina Garten to help guide my way. Despite my nerves on cooking the perfect turkey, I wanted to share some tips that help me stay organized and ahead of the mad Thanksgiving rush. 

First, order ahead! I reserved my bird from a local market, New Seasons, as soon as I could. It will be ready for pick up on the 23rd, which is perfect for my limited refrigerator space. I also ordered flowers from one of my favorite eco-florists, Emerald Petals, which I will pick up on Monday the 21st. Two items checked off my list!

Second, start thinking about your tablescape! One of the things I enjoy most about entertaining (other than the people of course) is the decor. It's a chance to really jazz up your table, entryway, kitchen etc. I personally have an addiction to table ware, so this is my specialty. My advice to you - don't leave it until the last minute! Set your table at least a few days ahead of time. This way if it isn't turning out the way you like, you can always readjust. Also, you won't be running around last minute to make sure Uncle Bob has the right sized spoon for his pumpkin pie.

{my tablescape from a few years back}

Lastly, and you should have seen this one coming, pick up your holiday candles! Nothing creates ambiance like candles. Scent and light come together to add that finishing touch. This year we've launched 100% soy tea lights, which are perfect for your dinning room table, bathroom or mantel. Grab one of our holiday tea light sets which includes three mercury glass tea light holders (pictured below) and 12 tea lights and you're half way to completing your tablescape already! Another favorite of mine this time of year is Cranberry Orange (which you can also get in tea lights!). Make sure to get your order in by 11/18 to receive it by Thanksgiving. Use the code GIVETHANKS at checkout for 20% off. Or shop at one of our local stockists.

Good luck & Happy Thanksgiving! 



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