What is a Scent Sachet?

What is a Scent Sachet?

Scent sachets are one of our newest products! You might be wondering, what is a scent sachet and what do I use it for? Well, I'm here to answer those questions for you! 

Scent sachets are simply a small bag filled with scented material that can be used in the place of a candle or air freshener. I wanted to keep in line with our values and partner with local artists and ensure they were eco-firendly. Each scent sachet bag is handmade by Wonderthreads by Alice. You'll find that a lot of scent sachets are made with plastic or syntheic beads. We definitley didn't want to go that route. Each of our scent sachets are  filled with eco-friendly ceramic beads that are highly scented. The scent in each sachet should last 60 days. 

Now the question, how do I use them? The answer is simple! You can place the scent sachet in your car, linen drawer, bathroom counter, wherever you'd like to have extra scent. Another option is empty the ceramic beads into an empty vessel (we used a mini farmhouse mason jar), and display them on your counter. I currently have cactus flower in my bathroom! 

We currently have sachet's available in Orange Blossom, Citrus and Cactus Flower. You can SHOP HERE!

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