• Will You Be My Valentine?

    Saint Valentine’s Day has always been a little extra special for me, since it’s also my birthday. It’s a wonderful experience to have so many people thinking about love, friendship, and togetherness on my special day each year. And I’d much rather share this holiday than any other.

    Every Valentine’s Day scene has some of the same essential elements. There are rose petals, heart shaped boxes of tiny little chocolates, and, of course, flickering candles. The romance of candlelight is undeniable. That’s why I think a candle makes for a great Valentine. Who wants a box of mystery chocolates with odd gooey fillings anyway, right?

    Below, we’ll get into three special gift opportunities you can take advantage of right now, including a sale item if this Valentine’s Day requires careful spending. They say that financial issues are the number one reason couples separate, right? Well, no one ever went broke overspending on a candle. In fact, a well placed candle can take your average and affordable Valentine’s Day setup up a notch, leaving you luxuriating in the glow of your new Bridge Nine tumbler or jar set.

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    Before we get into all that, let’s talk a little about ambiance. When we conjure up images of Valentine’s Day, we see low lighting and the warm glow of flame. The aroma? Rich and inviting. The sound? Perhaps something classical, or a collection of romantic songs you and your partner enjoy.

    The weather is usual cold and biting, but it only makes the warmth of the holiday that much more appealing. Those cold February gusts are the best reason to cuddle up under a blanket with the one you love. This year, consider imbuing your whole home with the ambiance of Valentine’s Day. Light candles, play music, and plan something special to share with your partner, even if it’s just a movie or a TV show you both enjoy. Just remember never to leave a candle unattended. Sure, you can follow dinner with a warm bath and your newest Bridge Nine candle, but don’t light it until you’re in the bathroom, and remember to extinguish the dinner candles.

    A Few Gift Ideas

    The Bridge Nine signature jelly jar set might be the best of our Valentine’s Day suggestions. You get variety, with all four signature winter scents, but you also get the nicely packaged look of a gift, and it’s all on sale while supplies last.

    jar set, candles, organic candle, portland, oregon, local candle company

    The Black and White ceramic tumbler, like so many of our candles, is two gifts in one. Long after you’re done enjoying the Portland Mist or Black Amber scent, you will still be enjoying this beautiful ceramic tumbler. Fill it with short stemmed flowers, potpourri, or your favorite drink.

    jar set, candles, organic candle, portland, oregon, local candle company

    The Gold Faceted tumbler is also a gift that keeps on giving. First, you get to enjoy the rich, romantic aroma of Vanilla Cognac, then, once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the tumbler out, you have the best rocks glass for your favorite winter cocktail.

    jar set, candles, organic candle, portland, oregon, local candle company

    Happy Saint Valentine’s Day from Bridge Nine Candle Co. If you’re not one of our Facebook VIPs, check out the group. And remember to follow us on Instagram!