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Bridge Nine Candle Co.

The Anti-Inflation Candle

The Anti-Inflation Candle

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Inflation is tough, but it doesn't mean you should have to give up your candles! During these hard times, we wanted to offer a product that still allows you to enjoy the candles you love while not breaking the bank, enter The Anti-Inflation Candle.

There are only 13 available this round! They scent is from the spring collection and the candle has a burn time of 50 hours.

How it works;

- Each round of Anti-Inflation candles will be very limited, once that round is sold out they will not be restocked until the next round

- The vessel and scent is a mystery, you cannot request a specific scent

- Although the scent is a mystery, we will tell you what collection of scents you could possible get. For example; Fall, Holiday, Spring. 

- The Anti-Inflation Candle is already marked down 50% of it's normal retail price, therefore discounts will not apply

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